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The podcast will help founders of both product and service businesses to grow their business and find freedom.

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The Bean Ninjas Podcast takes listeners behind the scenes and deep inside the company. Discover insights on how they’re growing a global ‘bookkeeping and financial reporting’ business.

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99. How to Become a Traveling Shopify eCommerce Entrepreneur with Ronnie Teja of Branzio

1 day ago
Traveling Shopify eCommerce Entrepreneur with Ronnie Teja

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3 June, 2020

99. How to Become a Traveling Shopify eCommerce Entrepreneur with Ronnie Teja of Branzio

Traveling Shopify eCommerce Entrepreneur with Ronnie Teja
27 May, 2020

98. How to create a $100K per month side business in less than 2 years with Davis Nguyen of My Consulting Offer

How to create a $100K per month side business with Davis Nguyen
20 May, 2020

97. Automating Sales Processes and Closing More Deals With Adam Hempenstall of Better Proposals

Automating Sales Processes and Closing More Deals With Adam Hempenstall
13 May, 2020

96. Launching a New Business in a Recession with Michael Wark

Launching a New Business in a Recession with Michael Wark
6 May, 2020

95. Profit First - Benefits & Challenges for Small Businesses with Michael Wark

Profit First With Michael Wark
29 April, 2020

94. Scaling Your Online Business By Outsourcing Your Business Management With Kat Jarman

Scaling Your Online Business With Kat Jarman
22 April, 2020

93. Mission, Magic, Money, and the one formula you must understand for eCommerce Growth, with Taylor Holiday of CommonThreadCo

eCommerce Growth, with Taylor Holiday of CommonThreadCo
15 April, 2020

92. Helping Creators to make a living doing work they love with Nathan Barry of Convertkit

Helping Creators to make a living with Nathan Barry of Convertkit
8 April, 2020

91. Scaling Your Business: The Secret to Building High Performing Teams with Barbara Turley

The secret to high performing teams with Barbara Turley
Kiri Masters
1 April, 2020

90. Scaling an E-Commerce Business and Selling on Amazon with Kiri Masters

25 March, 2020

89. The State of Amazon FBA, Shopify & Ecommerce in 2020 with A2X's Paul Grey

18 March, 2020

88. Why Bean Ninjas Created an Education Business Unit with Meryl Johnston & Anfernee Chansamooth

Xero Bookkeeping Course Case Studies
11 March, 2020

87. Taking Control of Your Business Finances with Mel Telecican & Natalie Alaimo - Xero Bookkeeping Course Case Studies

BN86_9 Common Xero Mistakes For Small Businesses
4 March, 2020

86. 9 Common Xero Mistakes For Small Businesses

26 February, 2020

85. How to Sell Online Products Through Content and Affiliate Marketing with Matt Wolfe

Twyla Verhelst featured image
19 February, 2020

84. Unlocking cash flow through automation and apps with Twyla Verhelst

Unlocking cash flow through automation and apps with Twyla Verhelst
John Ainsworth featured image
12 February, 2020

83. 3 steps to making more money from your existing visitors & leads with John Ainsworth

3 steps to making more money from your existing visitors and leads with John Ainsworth
Dan Norris featured image
5 February, 2020

82. From Online Success to Award-winning Craft Beer With Dan Norris

Interested in transitioning from your current business and making an investment the right way? Read on as Dan Norris walks us through the obstacles he faced.
Ilana Wechsler featured image
29 January, 2020

81. Get Started with Google and FB Ads with Ilana Wechsler

Want to increase your leads and sales with online ads, but not sure where to start? Meet Ilana Wechsler and learn all about pay per click advertising.
Patrick Manosca featured image
22 January, 2020

80. Tips on Selling, Community, and Advocacy with Patrick Manosca of Xero

Patrick Manosca started in public accounting and saw an opportunity for software as a tool to help firms become more efficient and profitable. He then went to work for that same software company implementing tools and best practices to take firms paperless and more profitable. Now Patrick is at Xero; working with enterprise firms to implement online accounting software.
Jake Jorgovan featured image
15 January, 2020

79. How to Go From $0 to $33K in 6 Months With a Productized Service Business, Featuring Jake Jorgovan

How to go from $0 to $33K in six months with a productized service business, featuring Jake Jorgovan
6 January, 2020

78. The Ultimate Video Content Strategy to Increase Your Influence and Income Online With Tyler Basu

Learn about the different types of video content marketing and how, with the right strategy, your business can grow exponentially
18 December, 2019

77. How B Corps Can Help You Live and Work with Purpose and Meaning, featuring Tim Jones

How B Corps Can Help You Live and Work with Purpose and Meaning, featuring Tim Jones
11 December, 2019

76. Doing Business in China with Chinese Business Expert Jons Slemmer

Interested in doing business in China? Tune in as business expert Jons Slemmers takes us over the Great Firewall and then guides us through the forest of the Chinese digital ecosystem.
4 December, 2019

75. How to Use Virtual Summits to Grow Your Business With Bailey Richert

Want to grow your business using virtual summits? Bailey Richert shares her expert tips.
Kelly Roach featured image
27 November, 2019

74. Selling through Social Media with Kelly Roach

Want to be effective with selling through social media? Follow these tips.
20 November, 2019

73. How to Ditch Your Job and Work for Yourself With Robert Gerrish

Anxious about starting your own business? Learn about the benefits of working for yourself from author Robert Gerrish.
13 November, 2019

72. Scaling your business: Hiring Key Roles with Barbara Turley

How to find an ideal employee? Listen in as Meryl Johnston and Barbara Turley discuss finding high-quality workers.
6 November, 2019

71. Agile sprints, Metrics, Onboarding and Sales for Scaling Businesses with Barbara Turley

Wondering how Agile sprints might be useful for scaling your business? Learn from someone who’s doing it.
30 October, 2019

70. Ish: The Problem with our Pursuit for Perfection and the Life-Changing Practice of Good Enough with Lynne Cazaly

Do you struggle with perfectionism? Author and keynote speaker Lynne Cazaly shares some insights around the disease called perfection.
23 October, 2019

69. Key Metrics Every Agency Should Be Tracking & Why They Matter with Scott Gellatly

Scott Gellatly of Scale My Empire shares the metrics that actually matter for scaling your agency business.
16 October, 2019

68. Lessons from our 1st year as business partners with Wayne Richard and Meryl Johnston of Bean Ninjas

Discover what makes a business partnership successful: Wayne Richard shares what he came to learn in his 1st year of running Bean Ninjas alongside Meryl.
9 October, 2019

67. How to Build a 7-figure E-commerce Business With Andrew Youderian

Do you dream about hitting 7-Figures with your eCommerce business? Andrew Youderian shares his lessons from building and selling multiple e-commerce businesses. >> Listen now.
Franziska Iseli featured image
2 October, 2019

66. How to Create a Brand Identity & Stand Out From Your Competition With Franziska Iseli

Ready to stand out from your competition? Meet Franziska Iseli.
25 September, 2019

65. How to Launch a Side Hustle With Your Employer's Support with Kate Walsh Rose

Want to gain your employer’s support to start a new business? Here’s how Kate Walsh Rose did it.
BN64 How to Work from Anywhere with Andy Willis featured image
18 September, 2019

64. How to Work from Anywhere with Andy Willis

Dreaming about working from anywhere? Andy Willis found a way to work from the French Alps a few weeks a year. Now you can learn how to do it too.
Barbara Turley featured image
11 September, 2019

63. Behind the scenes of managing 150 Philippines Virtual Assistants with Barbara Turley

Want to hire the best Philippines Virtual Assistants for your business?
Noel Andrews featured image
4 September, 2019

62. Finding High-Quality Eastern European Freelancers with Noel Andrews of JobRack

Looking for high-quality freelancers? Say hi to Noel Andrews of Jobrack.
David Jenyns featured image
28 August, 2019

61. How to Systemise Yourself Out of Your Business With David Jenyns

David Jenyns fired himself from his business, then tripled his bottom line. Here’s how he did it.
Brynne Tillman featured image
15 August, 2019

60. A tactical guide to Linkedin Social selling with Brynne Tillman

Want to improve your social selling ability and generate new business on Linkedin? Meet Brynne Tillman.
Catalina Alvarez featured image
13 August, 2019

59. How to use event marketing to grow your business with Catalina Alvarez from Dynamite Circle

Want to get your event marketing right? Here are some valuable insights from expert event planner Catalina Alvarez on her interview with Bean Ninjas.
Mike Michelini featured image
31 July, 2019

58. Finding strategic partners and investors for your ecommerce business with Mike Michelini

Want to build successful e-commerce businesses? Mike Michelini shares how he’s done it on his interview with Bean Ninjas.
Justing Pattantyus featured image
24 July, 2019

57. A different approach to building business systems with Justine Pattantyus

Want to learn a different approach to business systems? Meet expert Justine Pattantyus.
BN056 How to Achieve Financial Freedom through Business Website
16 July, 2019

56. How to Achieve Financial Freedom through Business

Wondering how to achieve financial freedom through business?  In Episode 56 of the Bean Ninjas Podcast, Bean Ninjas CEO Meryl Johnston tackles this common question.
Leah Mether featured image
10 July, 2019

55. Soft is the New Hard: How to level up your soft skills and improve business communications with Leah Mether

Learn why Soft is the new Hard from communication expert and author Leah Mether. How soft skills can help your business grow.
Jade Green featured image
2 July, 2019

54. How to create a powerful personal brand with Jade Green

Wondering how to build a personal brand that opens doors, wins you clients, and attracts high-quality staff to your business? Find out in this podcast interview with Jade Green.
Tommy Griffith featured image
26 June, 2019

53. How to bring on a new business partner after your business is already running with Tommy Griffith

When and how do you bring on a new business partner? Check out how Tommy did it on his interview with Bean Ninjas.
Taki Moore featured image
15 June, 2019

52. How to Build Million Dollar Coaching Businesses Using Content and Frameworks with Taki Moore

how to become an influencer featured image
12 June, 2019

51. How to become an influencer and write for major publications like Forbes with Josh Steimle

Want to become an online influencer and write for publications like Forbes? Meet Josh Steimle.
Carrie McKeegan featured image (1)
6 June, 2019

50. Scaling remote teams, working with your spouse, and US Expat Tax Services with Carrie McKeegan

Curious about scaling remote teams? Meet Carrie McKeegan, CEO of a 10-year-old, fully remote US Expat Tax Services company.
Angela Henderson featured image
29 May, 2019

49. Preparing Your Business to Run Without You with Angela Henderson

Want to prepare your business to run without you? Meet Angela Henderson. Learn how you can build a business and earn money even while you are asleep.
21 May, 2019

48. How the Merrymaker Sisters are helping 1.5 million women to live healthily, and love their bodies.

15 May, 2019

47. Xero add ons and Managing recurring payments with Heather Smith

Bean Ninjas CEO Meryl Johnston talks to cloud accounting expert Heather Smith about how you can automate your business through Xero add ons.
1 May, 2019

45. Innovative Accounting: From Practice to Digital Products with Heather Smith

How to create an online course with Paul Thomson featured image
24 April, 2019

44. How to create an online course that's profitable with Paul Thomson

Wondering how to create an online course successfully? Course expert Paul Thomson shares what it takes to create, launch and promote an online course.
From Accounting to Software as a Service with Jason Atkins Website Image
17 April, 2019

43. From Accounting to Software as a Service with Jason Atkins

Want cool software as a service examples? Here's how Jason Atkins went from accounting to building his software as a service (SaaS) business Cake Equity. 
Michaela Light_Intuitive Leadership
10 April, 2019

42. Tapping Into Intuitive Leadership for Increased Productivity and Focus

Want to increase productivity and focus at work? It's time to harness your intuitive leadership! Intuitive coach Michaela Light shares her tips.
Episode 41_feedback_in_learning_Website
3 April, 2019

41. Product Development Process Part 5: Feedback in Learning

BN_Ep40_Deep Work_and_Practicing_Patience_website
27 March, 2019

40. Product Development Process Week 4: Deep Work and Practicing Patience

Want some deep work tips so that you can focus without distraction? Meryl and Wayne share their productivity insights in this week's podcast.
BN39 new product launch strategy
20 March, 2019

39. Product Development Process Week 3: The Behind the Scenes of 2 Product Launches

Want to learn from our new product launch strategy? This week Meryl Johnston and Wayne Richard share lessons, challenges and wins from launching 2 products.
Episode 38 product launches
13 March, 2019

38. Product Development Process Week 2: The Behind the Scenes of 2 Product Launches

Want to go behind the scenes of our product launches? This is part 2 of our 5-part behind-the-scenes product development podcast series.
6 March, 2019

37. Product Development Process Week 1: The Behind the Scenes of 2 Product Launches

Want to go behind the scenes of an actual product development process? This is the first of our Product Development Process series. Meryl Johnston and Wayne Richard go behind the scenes of 2 Bean Ninjas product launches - a new Xero Foundations online course, and a Virtual CFO offering for small business.
BN036 productized services with Brian Casell
27 February, 2019

36. Productized Services and Why You Should Bootstrap with Brian Casel

Curious about Productized Services and how to make them successful? This week we talk to Brian Casel of Audience Ops, a successful productize content service.
20 February, 2019

35. Systematize: How To Build A Business That Can Run Without You

Struggling to free yourself up from day-to-day operations? This week Bean Ninjas founder Meryl Johnston shares her thoughts and tips on how To Build A Business That Can Run Without You.
13 February, 2019

34. From Entrepreneur to Intrapreneur: How & Why Anfernee Chansamooth joined Bean Ninjas

When does it it make sense to go from Entrepreneur to Intrapreneur? Meryl interviews Bean Ninjas' new marketing coordinator Anfernee Chansamooth about his process of joining the team. We also discuss the prospective employer's perspective, and the risks they need to be aware of when recruiting entrepreneurs and how to mitigate those risks.
6 February, 2019

33. Startup Books - Meryl’s Recommendations

Meryl chats about her favourite books and how they have helped shaped her thinking in business and in life
30 January, 2019

32. Building & Managing Multi Location Businesses: Q&A with Meryl Johnston

Meryl chats about some common questions she gets asked about Bean Ninjas and business in general.
23 January, 2019

31. All things crypto - Interview with Kevin Basham

We sit down with Kevin Basham from the Crypto Pulse podcast to discuss the latest news and trends going on in the world of blockchain and crypto and how you can benefit.
16 January, 2019

30. Turning Your Side Hustle into a Full-Time Job - Christopher Silvestri

We sit down with  Christopher Silvestri, a SaaS Copywriter & Sales Messaging Engineer, who turned his side hustle into a successful business.
9 January, 2019

29. Dominating a Niche - Interview with Brigit Esselmont

Brigit joins us to discuss the importance of focusing on a niche, as well as her recent book launch.
2 January, 2019

28. How to buy a business - Interview with Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer Anderson was sponsored by Bean Ninjas to attend the Dynamite Circle Austin conference. We sit down and chat about her recent experience of acquiring a business.
26 December, 2018

27. What you need to know about Intellectual Property – Interview with Sarah Kornblet

In this episode, learn how to protect your business and your brand with Sarah from Destination Legal.
19 December, 2018

26. Leadership and communication from management

In this solo episode, Meryl discusses her thoughts on leadership and communication from management as well as taking some listener questions.
12 December, 2018

25. Operating at your Peak Persona - Interview with Aaron Birkby

Aaron Birkby discusses the Peak Persona program and some techniques to help you be the most effective, productive human that you can be
5 December, 2018

24. Sales Tax Tips from a US Accountant - Interview with Mario Lucibello

Mario Lucibello joins us to discuss important aspects of US sales tax that could apply to your business and how to plan for tax to save your business money.
28 November, 2018

23. Time Management Lessons from Bean Ninja CEO

In this solo episode Meryl talks through some ideas around leadership and time management she has found useful whilst growing Bean Ninjas
21 November, 2018

22. Scaling a service business - Interview with Mandi Ellefson

Mandi, from the Hands Off CEO discusses how to scale a service business and the challenges and problems you should consider
14 November, 2018

21. DCBKK Wrap up with Wayne & Michael

Bean Ninjas, Wayne Richard and Michael Wark, share their learnings from this years iconic DCBKK event.
7 November, 2018

20. Building a business that works for you - Interview with Paul Higgins

In Episode 20, Paul Higgins, the founder and head coach at Build Live Give Community, talks about tips and tricks on transitioning from corporate work to managing our own business.
31 October, 2018

19. Cyber Security - Interview with David Ruddick

In Episode 19, David Ruddick, a cyber security expert, as we talk about the guidelines every business needs to protect themselves from technology risks and problems.
24 October, 2018

18. Regrets of the Dying - The Importance of Family & Friends

A solo epidode by Meryl, who reflects on the last month, including how she finds perspectiive in life when making decisions about work vs family time
17 October, 2018

17. A Week in the life of a CEO - Interview with Meryl Johnston

Meryl talks through what a week at CEO of Bean Ninjas is like, including the problems and challenges that are faced.
Xerocon Recap
17 October, 2018

16. Xerocon Recap

How to maximize the benefits to your business from attending conferences.
10 October, 2018

15. Becoming a remote worker - Interview with Michael Wark

From Office Job to Working From Home; What One Bean Ninjas Remote Employee Has Learned Along the Way
Tips to systemise your business
3 October, 2018

14. Building Systemized Business Processes

How to build processes that will systemize your business and bring ultimate efficiency
Mindfulness and Yoga
26 September, 2018

13. Mindfulness and Yoga at Bean Ninjas

Mindfulness and Yoga; how it helps this bookkeeping company centered and positive.
Being a training organisation
19 September, 2018

12. Being a training organisation and what it means to be a great trainer

Being a training organisation and what it means to be a good coach / trainer
Launching in U.S.
12 September, 2018

11. Launching in the U.S. - Interview with Wayne Richard

Launching in U.S. (interview with Wayne).
How Bean Ninjas’ CEO manages her personal finances
5 September, 2018

10. Inside the personal finances of a CEO

A CEO’s Personal Finance Practices
Investing in Startups
29 August, 2018

9. Investing in Bean Ninjas - Interview with Simon Pilkington

A first-time investor reveals how he found his ideal first startup investment opportunity
Startup Accounting
22 August, 2018

8. Startup Accounting - Part 2 - The Advice Nobody Else is Giving Startups About Money

Startup Accounting is the one topic nobody ever talks to entrepreneurs about; but, why?
Startup Accounting / The Advice Nobody Else is Giving Startups About Money
17 August, 2018

7. Startup Accounting - The Advice Nobody Else is Giving Startups About Money

Startup Accounting is the one topic nobody ever talks to entrepreneurs about; but, why?
Remote Workforces that Increase Profits
8 August, 2018

6. The Remote Workforce: Building a Profitable Business on a Foundation of Freedom

Many companies are hiring remote team members, but are they making it profitable and reducing employee attrition? Bean Ninjas is! Find out how.
An Accounting Company's Accounting
1 August, 2018

5. Accounting in a Bookkeeping Company - What Really Happens?

3 Years of Bean Ninjas
27 July, 2018

4. 3 Years of Bean Ninjas - A Reflection

What We’ve Learned After 3 Years of Building an International Business
20 July, 2018

3. The Breakup - Weathering the Departure of a Founding Team Member

How Bean Ninjas Weathered the Departure of a Founding Team Member
20 July, 2018

2. The Journey to $100k

How Bean Ninjas reached their first$100k in revenue in just 8 months.
18 July, 2018

1. The 7 Day Launch

How Bean Ninjas started their business in just 7 days; what worked and what they’d do differently if they could.