Your specialized Amazon FBA accountants

Work with a specialized eCommerce accounting firm, who understands the nuances of selling on Amazon, has established relationships with business brokers, and works with dozens of FBA businesses just like yours.

You’ve done the hard work of carving out your niche on Amazon.

Now, it is time to gain clarity around your finances.

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How Bean Ninjas can help your FBA business grow

Whether it is dealing with an endless influx of new competitors or worrying that Amazon will start competing directly with you, there is a lot that’s outside of your control. We’ll help you make sure your business is profitable as you scale.

Inventory Management

Gain confidence that both your sales and inventory numbers are up-to-date.


Inventory Forecasting

Build out inventory forecasts based on historical demand and seasonal trends.


U.S. Sales Tax Compliance

When you are selling on Amazon, you likely have nexus in 20+ states. Save time and money by letting us handle and track your sales tax collection.


Process pay runs, issue payslips, track timesheets and paid time off, and handle payroll tax and reporting.

Financial Reporting

Receive detailed reports every month, quarter, and year so that you can always make decisions based on the latest financial numbers.



Spend less time worrying about your books and more time growing your business. We’ll keep your business financial records up-to-date, do bank reconciliation, manage payroll, and ensure you remain tax compliant.

Virtual CFO Services

Get strategic financial advice each month on everything from cash flow forecasting to questions around taking on funding, hiring new team members, and even preparing for an life-changing business exit.



Dedicated Support

Dedicated 1:1 support whenever you need it from our award-winning team of accounting experts.


Client Testimonial

“Before I hired Bean Ninjas, I was running ‘blind financials’ as dark as the moonless sky. I frequently used top line revenue numbers to give me a sense of what my north star looked like. Wrong. Until I decided to hunker down and reconcile my books, which rarely happened, I frequently found that the light in my sky was actually an oncoming train in a tunnel of financial pain.

Thanks to the Bean Ninjas, I now have up-to-date income statements and balance sheets each month that allow for a much truer north star reading – let’s just say I have fiscal astronomers on my team now that make all the difference in the world and I don’t have to worry about scrambling to create financial reports to get a pulse on my business.”

Derek Dodds, 2Seas

Meet the Ninjas

Your financial secret weapon

If you’ve guessed by now, we’re not your average suit and tie accountants. Behind our ninja masks and bean counters, we’re a remote-first team of specialized accountants and bookkeepers that also happen to be avid surfers, snowboarders, triathletes, and parents.

The one common thread is that our team loves accounting so much that we keep winning awards for it and have developed best-in-class financial systems and processes for eCommerce businesses.

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Ready to gain clarity over your FBA business’s finances?