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111. Moving From Beta Users to Paying Customers

9 August, 2021
The Bean Ninjas Podcast
111. Moving From Beta Users to Paying Customers

The Bean Ninjas co-hosts Matt Stubbs and Meryl Johnston are back today catching up on the progress Matt has made in the beta testing of Crossbeam. Meryl asks Matt to share some insights on when it might make sense to move from beta to paying users and she also picks his brain about the way he went about designing Crossbeam’s logo. 

Then the tables are turned and Matt gets the opportunity to ask Meryl a few questions about the latest developments in Bean Ninjas and how she is handling the team to ensure they can continue to scale and onboard more clients but not work longer hours.

Discussion points: 

[2:31] Building vs Maintaining relationships in remote teams

[4:18] Beta testing of Crossbeam

[6:00] What’s next for Crossbeam?

[7:40] Planning to go from beta users to paying users

[13:45] Creating the Crossbeam logo

[18:33] Moving forward faster

[20:20] Increasing capacity without increasing work hours for the team

[27:50] Freeing up the founder

[32:24] Allowing mistakes to happen

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