Bean Ninjas Podcast Ep 109:

Ep 109: How to identify the right SaaS opportunity

18 May, 2021
The Bean Ninjas Podcast
The Bean Ninjas Podcast
Ep 109: How to identify the right SaaS opportunity

Getting traction with any new business is a challenge. That is why selecting the right problem to solve for the right market is so important.

Join co-hosts Matt Stubbs and Meryl Johnston for this ‘working in public’ series focused around building a SaaS. 

“Software that isn’t shipped isn’t useful to anyone’

Matt Stubbs

In our first episode of the Crossbeam Podcast Series, we discuss:

[02:25] Why we are recording a ‘working in public’ podcast series about building an app.

[04:36] Introducing Crossbeam – a SaaS app to sync payments from an eCommerce platform called  Neto to Xero.

[07:26] How to decide the minimum core functionality to build before sharing the app with beta testers.

[11:03] Looking for the right problem to solve. Xero and Shopify are ecosystems filled with people in business who are prepared to pay for software.

[14.09] How discovering a blog post led to Crossbeam.

[15.00] Calculating the size of the addressable market. 

[19.19] Platform risk when building in ecosystems like Shopify or Xero.

[23.50] Matt on what he would do differently with his next SaaS – hire earlier and spend more time focusing on marketing! 

[25.15] Matt’s insights around his exit with Back in Stock. Chatting with a broker early on and the feedback was ‘we couldn’t sell this as you are working too much in the business’. 

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