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Xero Bookkeeping Partner of The Year

Media Awards

Meryl and Wayne were selected in Hubdoc’s list of the Top 50 Cloud Accountants!

Bean Ninjas was also proud to be named:

Xero Bookkeeping Partner of the Year 2019


Xero Bookkeeping Partner of the Year 2019

Queensland, Australia

Queensland, Australia

Bookkeeping Firm of the Year (Finalist)

2019 Australian Accounting Awards
2018 Australian Accounting Awards

In the Media

Add to Cart Podcast

CHECKOUT Tracey Newman from Bean Ninjas | #106, Aug 12, 2021

Honest eCommerce

Unprepared Ep 31 – How Businesses Can Survive During Recession with Wayne Richard

eCommerce Growth Show

eCommerce Recession Impact Study: COVID-19 Revenue Trends with Wayne Richard – eCommerce Growth Show Ep. 12

Global From Asia

Tactics For Ecommerce Bookkeeping, Cross Border & Virtual Teams with Wayne Richard

Xero Best Practices for eCommerce Businesses

Six best practices for eCommerce businesses to get the most out of Xero | Tracey Newman

Expanding Internationally With Bean Ninjas’ Tracey Newman

Tracey Newman shares a range of wisdom and insights when it comes to international expansion for ecommerce businesses. 

MicroConf On Air

Episode 21 – MicroConf Refresh: Quick Fix #2: Finance for SaaS Founders: Meryl Johnston


Episode 31 – How Businesses Can Survive During Recession with Wayne Richard

Superfast Business Podcast

Episode 742 – How Bean Ninjas Grew Their Service Business Accountant Meryl Johnston shares how focus and adaptability

Where Accountants Go - The Accounting Careers Podcast

Episode 162 – Wayne Richard, Partner & COO at Bean Ninjas on Apple Podcasts

Business Process Systems Simplified by SYSTEMology

Episode 80 – The 4-Step Business Financial Control System with Meryl Johnston

Clicks & Leads | Nicola Cairncross

Episode 129 – Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders: Meryl Johnston

Double Your Freelancing Podcast

Episode 62 – Meryl Johnston on Growing a Six-Figure Productized Service

Where Accountants Go! - Accounting Careers Podcast.

162: Wayne Richard, Partner & COO at Bean Ninjas

Ask Pat 2.0 Podcast

Episode 1200: Meryl talks about pivots, big announcements and progression that an entrepreneur can make over time.

Dear Customer Stories: Royal Essence

DEAR Systems and Bean Ninjas helped this product seller grow 150% year on year 

Cloud Stories

A Modern Chartered Accountant Focused 🔎 on eCommerce | Tracey Newman

Ecommerce Niche the New Black

Accountancy firm targets Shopify space with help of A2X

Building your eCommerce Finance Dream Team

We are taking a closer look at when eCommerce businesses should hire key financial roles and what to focus on when.

ERP Alternatives for Shopify Businesses

There are other and more affordable ERP alternatives available to 7-figure and low-8-figure eCommerce businesses these days. Let us take a closer look at what an ERP is, when to use one, and some popular ERP alternatives for eCommerce businesses. 

Tropical MBA Podcast

Episode 555 – Are Productized Services Overrated?

Ask Pat 2.0 Podcast

Episode 1113 – Should I Create a Separate Brand for My eCommerce Clients? – Smart Passive Income

Running Remote Podcast

Running Remote Podcast: Wayne Richard, Partner and COO, Bean Ninjas

Business beyond borders

Episode 37 – Wayne Richard, Director of Global Operations at Bean Ninjas

Agency Highway

Episode 106 – Metrics to track with Michael Wark – Agency Highway

Jeremy Ryan Slate Podcast

Episode 113 – Creating Freedom & Managing Finances | Meryl Johnston

Productize Podcast with Brian Casel

Episode 25 – Scaling Bookkeeping as Service (across continents!) w/ Meryl Johnston, Bean Ninjas

eCommerce Marketing Podcast

Unique Ecommerce Growth Strategies During the Global Pandemic – Wayne Richard

Future Proof You Podcast for Working Dads

FPY#22 with Wayne Richard part 1

Build a Bigger Life

Body, Being, Balance, Business featuring Wayne Richard

Acuity Magazine feature

“A contemporary model for traditional accounting work”, March 2017

Dear Customer Stories: Alton Goods

“Mis-ships and stock-outs are now a thing of the past” 

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