Meryl Johnston

Founder and CEO of Bean Ninjas, host of the Bean Ninjas podcast and creator of the Know your Numbers online financial course.

Key Focus:

Scaling up a global services business and leading a motivated and happy team.

Suggested Introductions:

Meryl is a Charted Accountant who specialises in cloud accounting software “Xero”.

She founded Bean Ninjas in July 2015 with $1,000 following 7 Day Startup methodology.

Bean Ninjas has been operating for 5+ years and we have 20+ staff.

Meryl is also a mentor at Rob Walling’s accelerator Tiny Seed and has been featured in articles by Xero, Chartered Accountants ANZ as well as popular podcasts including, TMBA, SuperfastBusiness, and Pat Flynn’s Ask Pat2.0.

Meryl believes in people over profit, the power of building systems, remote work, and being a couch rather than a manager.

When not our transforming how services business operate, Meryl can be found surfing at a local Gold Coast beach or hanging out with her partner and baby daughter.

Interview Topics:

From Operator to Owner: Lessons on Scaling a Productized Service and Freeing Yourself from your business.

Know your Numbers – Recession Proofing your online business.

Key Financial Metrics for Service Businesses.

Scaling up your agency by niching down.

People, processes and profit – managing a global team of 20+ people.

Meryl is such a great operator and one of the most approachable people I have met within the industry. Her company “Bean Ninjas” is certainly not your traditional “run-of-the-mill” Bookkeeping firm. In my opinion, Meryl has turned the Bookkeeping industry on it’s head by focussing on the best web-based accounting software out there in “Xero”, providing fixed monthly service packages and employing her highly trained and skilled advisors to really take charge of their clients’ bookkeeping and financial reporting needs.
Dane Crandon


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