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35. Systematize: How To Build A Business That Can Run Without You

20 February, 2019
The Bean Ninjas Podcast
The Bean Ninjas Podcast
35. Systematize: How To Build A Business That Can Run Without You

Struggling to free yourself up from day-to-day operations? It’s time to systematize! 

In Episode 35 of the Bean Ninjas Podcast, Bean Ninjas Marketing Coordinator Anfernee Chansamooth interviews Meryl about building a business that can run without you.

Meryl founder of Bean Ninjas

Are you looking to have more time and financial freedom?

Today’s podcast may have the answers for you!

It wasn’t a smooth or easy road, but as systems were implemented, everything fell into place at Bean Ninjas.

In this podcast, Meryl shares her 3-year journey on getting to where Bean Ninjas is today. Firstly, she shares her role as a CEO, then takes us through the functions she has played and systems prepared along the way. After that, we will learn more about how she handled this transition at Bean Ninjas.

  • Meryl’s story about why she wanted a business that could run without her.
  • The definition and function of a CEO in Meryl’s words.
  • Books and resources that have helped develop her leadership style.
  • Key challenges and blocks she experienced and her 3-year journey to get to this point.
  • Getting a consultant, steps for setting up training systems and tools used to prepare the business for systemization.
  • The reason for switching their project management tool.
  • Finding and hiring quality talent to join your team.
  • Word of advice for people who are feeling a bit stuck.

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