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25. Operating at your Peak Persona – Interview with Aaron Birkby

12 December, 2018
The Bean Ninjas Podcast
25. Operating at your Peak Persona - Interview with Aaron Birkby

Our guest for Episode 25 of the Bean Ninjas Podcast is Aaron Birkby, Founder of the Peak Persona Program.  Aaron shares his expertise on the programs he runs to coach business owners to obtain sustainable high performance across all areas of their lives.

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How to be a more effective & productive human

Aaron gives us a an idea of what the Peak Persona Program is and shares some techniques to help you be the most effective, productive human you can be.

Join us as Aaron helps us engineer our mindsets to be able to balance work and personal life.

  • Aaron’s backstory and what led him to where he is now.
  • What is the Peak Persona Program and what inspired him to start it?
  • A discussion on a key element in the program that can help set up your day.
  • Surprises coming out of the program in terms of feedback on the 30-day shift
  • Key techniques and strategies on time management and decision making.
  • Benefits of running the program in his personal life.
  • A sneak peek into a day in the life of Aaron – check out his Twitter and Instagram.
  • Tips on maintaining routines during travel.
  • One key thing about the Peak Persona Program.
  • How to get in touch, contact Aaron here: Aaron Birkby Email. 

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