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19. Cyber Security – Interview with David Ruddick

31 October, 2018
The Bean Ninjas Podcast
The Bean Ninjas Podcast
19. Cyber Security - Interview with David Ruddick

David Rudduck, cyber security expert and owner of Insane Technologies, joins me in Episode 19 of The Bean Ninjas Podcast as we talk about protecting your business from technology risks and problems. He shares his insights on password solutions, cyber insurance, data protection and much more.

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David shares his cyber security knowledge on:

  • The story of how his business started, what they do, the challenges they went through and how they found their niche in cyber security.
  • Examples of cyber security problems and how to prevent these situations.
  • Educating staff about protecting business data.
  • The importance of cyber health checks.
  • Interconnecting systems and platforms for businesses.
  • Tips and programs for the most common tech risks like; LastPass, Have I Been Pwned, Azure, Okta, Yubikey, Sophos.

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