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49. Preparing Your Business to Run Without You with Angela Henderson

29 May, 2019
The Bean Ninjas Podcast
The Bean Ninjas Podcast
49. Preparing Your Business to Run Without You with Angela Henderson

Want to prepare your business to run without you? Meet Angela Henderson.

In Episode 49 of the Bean Ninjas Podcast, Bean Ninjas CEO Meryl Johnston talks to consulting expert Angela Henderson about how you can build a business which will bring you revenue – even while you are asleep.

Angela Henderson was a full-time trained mental health clinician for 15+ years.

She was diagnosing patients suffering from schizophrenia, depression, autism, etc.

After the birth of her son, she started an online baby and kids shop Finlee and Me.

She invested the last 7 years in her e-commerce business, which is currently selling over 1400 products.

A few years ago, Angela realised that many people were frequently asking her for professional advice, and around that time, she decided to get into consulting.

“A little over two years ago, I just looked at my diary and I realized that I had 8 coffee dates, where people wanted to pick my brain, in one month, and the same in the next month. And that’s what Angela Henderson kind of formed from, it was never in the plan. But I was just like, hold on a minute, if 16 people want to pick my brain, I had to drive there, pay for my own diet coke, drive back, give advice. If I charge people, I can have a secondary business.”

Now, Angela is a business consultant working mainly with women. She provides them the foundational framework they need in order to develop a sustainable business.

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Angela Henderson shares her tips on scaling a  service business

If you are interested in starting a service business, Angela suggests that you go for one-to-many over a one-to-one model.

She discovered that there were a number of clients who wanted to work with her, but couldn’t afford her VIP services. That was when she realised that there was a need, so she decided to find a product to fit that need.

If you are in a similar situation, Angela’s advice to you is to write down everything that you are doing with VIP clients.

Based on that, you can develop a course or program. This will ensure a steady monthly income.

Additionally, you can implement live calls and “hot seats” every month, and spend 3-4 hours with a larger group of people.

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Are there are things you love, but also things you absolutely hate doing when it comes to working? Angela suggests that you consider outsourcing.

Outsourcing gave Angela more time to work on her coaching program. This way, she could further expand her business, and avoid doing stuff like social media marketing, which she is not a fan of.

Do you have a good website, SEO and content marketing strategy? If not, and you got outsourcing in mind, Angela’s has a tip for you.

Make sure you have a system that works and that the third party is trained properly. Once you train them, it’s super easy!

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Human to Human: Angela Henderson’s tips on how to use social media effectively

First, come up with a long term strategy in order to build a Facebook community. Don’t focus on numbers, and don’t forget that you are dealing with humans.

‘Human versus a number’ requires more work then having something automated. However, things can backfire on your business if you do extreme automation.

Learn more about how automation can hurt your business here.

Understand that most of your clients are there due to word-of-mouth or because they are in your Facebook group.

Show up, be present, act as an alive human being. Also, be disciplined with your time.

“You have to put time aside to invest in it. I do a lot of incidental checking-ins, so if I go to a grocery store, and I stand in line, I choose to stand in the longest line. And then I get on my phone and I quickly do commenting. It’s not an enormous amount of time.”

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Insecure about using Facebook Live? You can always open up a group with just you and your partner or someone else in it.

Test out doing lives. Realize that there is more fear than what is necessary.

Try your best to adapt to the fast-paced world of social media. If you change nothing, if you don’t start playing the game, you are probably gonna get left behind.

“Start small, if you don’t like going live, record your video, edit your video if you have to, and then throw it out. But the more people can hear you, the more people can see you, the more emotional response, you are connecting with them, and as a result, it only will build a stronger relationship which leads to higher conversions.”

Also, go to events, even if requires you to pay more. Surround yourself with people who can help your business grow. They will provide you with expertise, time and connections.

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Learn about challenge marketing, and how through social media you’ll be able to increase your revenue. Focus on humanising your brand, and by doing that you will extend reach and visibility in no time.

Understand failures as lessons. This way you learn new things before you can get past to the next level.

Here are 10 great lessons you can learn from failing.

Here’s a short video on the importance of humanizing your brand:

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How to use Evergreen content to automate your sales

Haven’t heard of Evergreen content before? Angela explains how it works.

Evergreen content is the content that you’ve already produced and can re-use over and over again. Evergreen content is automated, so you can make sales while you are sleeping.

In order to fully utilise Evergreen, there are a few simple steps you should follow.

First, you should focus on warming up your audience. Let them in ur funnel early on, before you start promoting your course or program.

Use a Lead magnet to capture emails. Then proceed with an email sequence to warm them up by informing them of your free resources.

Next step is to start sending invites so that people can join your program or your course. After that everything is automated.

“If I tried to sell my program to a cold audience and they know nothing about me, I am paying for ads and I am going to have a minimal conversion.

So, I need to bring them along that entrepreneurial journey and show them the value, then let them see the masterclass and then have them buy the program.”

Visit Angela’s page to learn how you can join her program.

Angela is definitely not a fan of the much popularised ‘work-life balance’ philosophy. According to her, what matters is that you love your job.

In that sense, she never forces herself to work. Therefore, she always finds time to reach out to her community, as long as that works for her family.

Her advice to you is: figure out what suits You and run your own race!

Want to learn more about the features of awesome online communities? Check out this infographic:



Listen in to learn more about how your business can run without you.

Meryl and Angela Henderson discuss:

  • How Angela got into consulting
  • The value of the one-to-many service business model
  • The benefits of building a strong online community
  • What is Evergreen and how it generates passive income
  • Approaching failures and learning what works

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