Want to get the most out of your Xero account? 

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What is a Xero Health Check? 

Exclusions - We are NOT doing any the following as part of the Xero Health Check :  

  • Going through each transaction and seeing if it’s allocated to the right account or if GST/Sales Tax/VAT is correct
  • Advising on the Chart of Accounts
  • Commenting on where there is room for improvement with capturing receipts  

(If you'd like specific help with any of the above exclusions we can provide a separate quote. Please specify what you're after when you submit your request to us.)

Feeling unsure if you're doing your bookkeeping correctly, and want assurance that your accounts are streamlined and cared for?

A Xero Health Check is a detailed review of your Xero account looking for things like bank accounts not balancing, errors in the settings, old transactions and security risks.  

We perform a rigorous 100-point general file setup check to help ensure your Xero file is set up correctly.

Here are some of the things we’ll check for: 

  • Bank feed errors
  • Unreconciled transactions
  • Stripe transactions
  • Old invoices that should be written off
  • Inventory
  • Expense claims
  • Fixed assets
  • Reports
  • Manual journals
  • Currencies
  • Email settings
  • And more!  

"I’ve been using Xero since well before it was cool and I still had no clue about half the stuff Bean Ninjas found in my Xero Account."

Dan Norris

Co-Founder of Black Hops Bewerry and author of the best-selling 7 Day Start-up

"It was really good because I'm new to Xero and didn't know what to look for, if it's correct or not, or if I'm doing it correctly." 

Bonny Bosher 

Founder, IstiZada.com

Who are we?

Bean Ninjas is run by Meryl Johnston, a Chartered Accountant. We have a team of 12 bookkeepers based in Australia, the US, the UK, and Philippines. We're also proud Xero Gold partners.

Team Map

How Much Does a Xero Health Check cost?

Only $149 USD!

A Xero Health Check is a personalized service where you get to work directly with the Bean Ninjas team. 

We include a 20-minute strategy call to help you get the most value from what we discover. 

How does a Xero Health Check work?

1. Simply click the get started button below to register for your Xero Health Check  

You will be taken to a form to submit your details.

3. We'll check your account and take you through our findings.  

We’ll do our 100 point check of your Xero account. Then we’ll email you our findings.  

You’ll also get a 20 minute call with one of the Bean Ninjas team members.  

Once we're done we'll remove our access to your Xero account.

2. Invite us to your Xero Account  

There are instructions on how to invite us on the thank you page after you sign-up.

Ready to get the most out of Xero? Get A Xero Health Check Today!

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