Guest Post for Bean Ninjas!

If you’d like to write a guest post for Bean Ninjas, you’re in the right place.

Before submitting your pitch, please read through our guest post guidelines.

What should I write about?

Want to increase your chances of getting your post accepted? Then, pitch a blog post topic related to any of these topics.

  • Scaling an agency or eCommerce business from 6 to 7-figures+ or 7-figures to 8-figures
  • Guides, reviews or comparisons of top tools or apps for 7-figure eCommerce businesses
  • Tips on how to become more productive, save more time, create more efficiencies inside the business.
  • Tips on how to become more effective working remotely.
  • Building and growing remote teams
  • Case studies and tips for building successful online businesses – specifically 6-figure+ eCommerce, productized services,  and digital agencies

Here are some examples of high-quality posts on our blog.

Guest Posting Guidelines

  1. You need to have something unique, compelling and/or actionable to offer our readers. It could be a case study or growth story with clear insights and practical steps that others can apply in their businesses or something else along those lines. We’re not interested in “cookie-cutter” posts. Take a look at our previously published blog posts and podcast episodes to get an idea of the types of content our audience is interested in.
  2. Your post must be inspiring or actionable (preferably both!). Readers must either finish your post and feel inspired, or know what they need to do and have the tools to get it done. Or, even better, both!
  3. Your post must be original. You will not be permitted to re-publish the post on your site (or on any other site).
  4. Your post must be at least 800 words. Preferably between 1,000 – 2,500 words. All internal and external links should be embedded within the text itself. You must link back to credible sources only. 
  5.  Please proofread your posts before sending it to us. We recommend running your post through Grammarly and/or Hemingway App before you submit it.
  6. You must be willing for the content to be re-used by us in any way we see fit. We will have the right to publish, edit and reproduce your post in any format as we see fit (always attributed to you), as well as produce derivative works (not necessarily attributed to you).

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