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78. The Ultimate Video Content Strategy to Increase Your Influence and Income Online With Tyler Basu

6 January, 2020
The Bean Ninjas Podcast
The Bean Ninjas Podcast
78. The Ultimate Video Content Strategy to Increase Your Influence and Income Online With Tyler Basu

Tyler Basu shares valuable insights on video content marketing and how it can help you monetize

In Episode 78 of the Bean Ninjas Podcast, Marketing Coordinator Anfernee Chansamooth talks to Tyler Basu about all the ways a good content strategy can bring rapid growth to your business.

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Tyler Basu on developing a niche, the metric that matters and founding a business

Tyler Basu is a Content Strategist that specializes in helping personal brands and online entrepreneurs scale their business. He’s the Co-Founder of Influencer Studio, a marketing agency that offers done-for-you content marketing and webinar presentation development services for entrepreneurs. 

He’s also the Publisher of Lifestyle Business Magazine & Podcast, an online publication dedicated to helping entrepreneurs learn how to build a life and business on their own terms

Tyler spent three years working for one of the largest online education education platforms in the world. Although he came in as a professional, his role as a content manager required a lot of learning.

He took courses, listened to podcasts, read books and went to conferences in order to improve his skills.

If you are a content marketer, it’s likely that you know what a content strategy involves. Tyler was focused on growing a blog, publishing YouTube videos, webinars, online courses, articles, interviews, case studies, worksheets, guides and checklists.

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If you are a business owner, note that, even without a sales department, through content, you can bring in tons of customers.

However, content marketing is most effective when you have interest in smaller businesses. Going after big companies as clients will require an effort put in by account managers and salespeople.

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If you are considering leaving the corporate job and starting your own business, do some validation first.

It was just me, jumping on the phone, talking to people, finding a need, and then putting together proposals, you know, selling stuff, but selling a service before I actually had created it. And then, you know, getting the first clients before committing to it. And then once I felt like, okay, I’ve honed in on an offer here that people are willing to pay for. I’ve got a couple clients, there’s proof that there’s demand for this. Then I felt less risky, resigning and jumping into it full time.

Co-founding a business can potentially help you grow it faster. These are the two types of personalities every business needs:

#1 A sales and marketing person with a vision

#2 An operations person responsible for recruiting, training and managing people

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When it comes to growing your business, Tyler shares one incredibly valuable advice in this chat.

Do not focus on audience size as a metric. Getting the attention is beneficial, but you must choose quality instead of quantity in order to sell.

If it’s not the right audience, if they’re not an ideal client, you will not be able to make the sale.

The resources Tyler Basu turns to in order to grow and his views on financial freedom

Creating content is great for getting attention. But you could probably do pretty good if, you know, even as little as 1000 people that were really, really targeted, knew who you were and followed all your stuff and consumed all your content or even 10,000 people and it’s not super expensive or time consuming to build an audience that big if you’re focused on the right audience in the first place…if you can get 1000 people who actually like your stuff and buy your stuff and, you know, recommend you and talk about you and comment and engage and all that stuff, you can move the needle, you can help create some good growth for business.

For Tyler, the most important metric is not focusing on audience size, but audience relevance. If such audience needs your help to solve a certain problem, you will be able to monetize from that.

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Tyler Basu’s tips on building a strong video content strategy

If you are interested in developing a video content strategy, read on for some tips.

#1 If the goal is just frequency, you should rotate through the types of content.

It goes from sharing “how to” advice, stories, proof of how you’ve helped people, and all the way to sharing metaphors, examples, lifestyle posts, things that you believe in and things that you’re against.

#2 If you want it to be evergreen content, it should be a little more strategic.

Focus on planning those topics so that they align with what your target audience is actually searching for. 

“You break it up into milestones. And so you end up with these three buckets of content ideas. One bucket is the (audience’s) fears and frustrations, one bucket is the goals and aspirations, and the others are the actual process, your area of expertise”.

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The next step after creating the strategy is what Tyler calls batch recording. If you are too busy running the business, you can’t really  create content every day. It’s way better to batch it.

That’s what we did with Meryl. She recorded those videos. And now what’s happening with you guys is those videos have been published. They’re getting promoted. We’re building up this audience of people that watch your videos. And that’s like now low hanging fruit for you. For you could go in and re-target those people that have actually watched your stuff and move them, move them along in the marketing funnel, turn them into leads and turn them into buyers.

When it comes to deciding how much money you should put in running ads, Tyler suggests to work backwards from what you’re willing to spend to get a client.

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Make sure you’ve got enough to fulfill on your promise to them, pay yourself and gain some profit.

In other words, define the cost of acquisition. Determining how much it costs you to get a new client is essential.

Reflect on the cost of the time you’ve spent to bring the client in, as well.

If you are interested to know about repurposing a video, in this chat Tyler discusses all the things you can do with it.

  • You can transcribe it: give it to the writer so that they can create a blog post
  • You can also pull the audio out so that it becomes a podcast 
  • You can do smaller videos or you can compile them together and do larger videos

You can even send the shorter ones as guest posts to big publications. They will rank on search engines and get you some traffic.

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Learn what content marketing looks like in 2019 from this video

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Listen in to know more about (video) content marketing and how it can take your business to the next level.

Anfernee Chansamooth and Tyler Basu discuss:

  • The resources Tyler Basu utilized while developing his niche
  • What he learned while working for a leading education company
  • The founding of his business
  • All things related to video content marketing
  • Tyler Basu’s views on passive income and financial freedom

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