2. The Journey to $100k
20 July, 2018
The Bean Ninjas Podcast
The Bean Ninjas Podcast
2. The Journey to $100k

In Episode 1 of The Bean Ninjas Podcast, Meryl Johnston, Co-founder of Bean Ninjas, provided a step-by-step review of how she launched Bean Ninjas in just 7 days. Now, in Episode 2, she reveals how she bucked the system and implemented her own methods to reach $100k in revenue in just 8 months.

While most startups spend their budget and energy focusing on marketing and PR, Meryl utilised digital grassroots marketing to carry Bean Ninjas in its first year.  With a lot of effort and midnight oil burnt, she found that within 8 months, it was paying off, big time.

$100k in 8 months

The episode is a how-to in creating your own marketing strategy, processes and procedures, by knowing your clients and not being afraid to go against the grain.

Meryl takes through the highs and lows of running her startup while working a full time job and gives us insight into;

  1. Unpaid marketing strategies
  2. Hiring offshore, bring it back local, and then taking it offshore again
  3. Developing processes that stand the test of time
  4. Procedures that remain a critical part of the business

Stay tuned until the end when Meryl walks us through her guidelines for creating processes and procedures.

Here’s what is coming next:

The next episode of Bean Ninjas Podcast is a raw and open discussion about Bean Ninjas’ Co-founder leaving the company. Meryl walks us through what happened and why.  As well as how she handled it without allowing it negatively impact the business or her relationship with her co-founder.

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