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36. Productized Services and Why You Should Bootstrap with Brian Casel

27 February, 2019
The Bean Ninjas Podcast
36. Productized Services and Why You Should Bootstrap with Brian Casel

In Episode 36 of the Bean Ninjas Podcast, we are joined by Brian Casel of Audience Ops, a successful productized content service.

Curious about Productized Services and how to make them successful?

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Listen in to know more about creating a productized services business:

This week we pick Brian’s brain about how productized services can fill a market need, and his experience with building teams and systems. We also get his tips on bootstrapping your business.

  • Brian’s career backstory and transition from freelancing to starting businesses offering productized services.
  • What inspired him to sell his business and how did he decide what to do next?
  • His journey to building his business and team.
  • Managing the company’s cash flow especially in hiring team members.
  • The importance of managers and how they manage their deliverables and those of their team.
  • The state of Audience Ops in the first 12 months of the business.
  • More information on the Productize course and community.
  • How his work week looks like in Audience Ops and his other projects.
  • His latest projects – Sunrise KPI and Process Kit.
  • His work week structure approach to accomplishing tasks and deliverables.

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