How to Integrate Xero with BigCommerce

1 April, 2021
Tom Mercer

Tom Mercer

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big commerce and xero integration

Looking for a way to integrate your BigCommerce sales data with Xero? 

Fortunately, there are several Xero integrations that make it easier to sync Xero with your BigCommerce store.  

These integrations allow you to automatically sync transactions, payouts, and other important customer and product data, which can provide more accurate accounting, save you time, and eliminate human errors upon import. 

What’s the Xero BigCommerce integration?

BigCommerce is a popular all-in-one e-commerce software platform that helps businesses of all sizes power and run their online store. 

Automatically syncing your sales data with Xero eliminates the need to manually enter sales data, reduces the risk of data entry errors, and allows you to set the schedule of how your data is processed and when. You also can automatically sync your orders, products, taxes, discounts, refunds, and more. 

The integration also makes accessing and managing your sales data easier and faster. You’ll have up-to-date data to monitor due to the automatic syncing of information. You can also access your data anywhere and at any time. 

How to integrate Xero and BigCommerce

Here are three popular ways to integrate BigCommerce and Xero.

1. Xero Direct Integration

Xero direct integration with BigCommerce

This integration connects your BigCommerce account to your Xero account to automate your workflow with real-time data. You’ll be able to automatically sync online sales orders and customer, stock level, and product data with your Xero account. After setting up the integration, you can configure the automatic sync to fit your business’s needs.

To start this integration, you’ll need to:

  1. Log into your BigCommerce store
  2. Go to Apps > Marketplace
  3. Install the Xero app
  4. Connect your Xero account
  5. Configure the workflow to fit your needs

During this process, you’ll receive prompts to walk you through the setup. Once the integration is configured, your data will begin to sync automatically.

2. Zapier

zapier integation with xero

The Zapier BigCommerce + Xero Integration lets you automatically send information between your BigCommerce account and Xero without having to code. You can set up customized workflows or use preset guided workflows.  

When connecting Xero and BigCommerce using Zapier, you’ll be prompted to sign in and authenticate the BigCommerce + Xero Integration. You’ll then choose either BigCommerce or Xero as the trigger for your automation process. Then, you’ll select the desired resulting action from the other app. Lastly, you’ll select the data you would like to transmit from the trigger app to the other. 

For example, you could set a workflow that when a new order occurs on BigCommerce, Zapier automatically creates a sales invoice in Xero. You can create various automatic workflows that fit your needs. 

3. is a popular cloud integration solution that helps you automate repetitive business functions. You can synchronize your data and run workflows across different apps using a drag-and-drop interface instead of coding. integrates BigCommerce and Xero to make managing your accounting and bookkeeping easier. Some popular integrations commonly used include adding a payment in Xero for a new BigCommerce order, adding or updating customers in your Xero based on a new customer in BigCommerce, and more.

You also can customize the integrations to fit your unique needs. You can choose the trigger and resulting action event to create a custom automated workflow. You can also connect BigCommerce and Xero to other business apps you use, like email, to create a complete workflow. uses a drag and drop interface to make integrating BigCommerce and Xero quick and simple. To integrate BigCommerce and Xero, you’ll need to create an account. The process will walk you through a series of steps to develop the integration. When the integration is set up, you’ll be able to create your automatic workflows (called Bots).

You can add or modify workflows anytime by clicking on Create a Bot at the top of your dashboard.

automate screenshot

Next, you’ll name your Bot and set the trigger app, which will start the Bot. The trigger app will always be the first app in the workflow. A window will pop-up to prompt you to log into your trigger app’s account, which will connect that app. Then, you’ll use a drop-down menu to select the trigger event. 

Once the trigger is set, you’ll be prompted to connect to the action app and enter your login information for that app. Next, you’ll set up the action using drop-down menus.

After you’ve created your Bot (or workflow), you’ll then save and turn on the Bot using a toggle button.

Syncing Xero with BigCommerce can give you more confidence in your business’ finances. 

As a result, you’ll have confidence in your business’s accounting data, so you can focus your time on other aspects of building your company. 

Looking for additional information on how to integrate BigCommerce, Amazon FBA, or other eCommerce marketplaces within Xero? We can help. Schedule a free call with a Bean Ninjas team member today.

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Tom Mercer

Tom Mercer

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