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Your A2X Ninjas

A2X makes it simple to connect all of your sales channels, like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Amazon, and pull in summarized sales platform changes and tax data into Quickbooks or Xero. 

At Bean Ninjas, we use A2X to connect all your sales channels and simplify your eCommerce accounting. This means accurate financial reports and more actionable insights for you in less time.

How The Bean Ninjas Team can help

Save time, ensure financial accuracy, and increase confidence

Discovery call and business analysis
Customized A2X setup and implementation plan
2 1:1 training sessions for A2X
Your Chart of Accounts and bookkeeping is set up correctly in Quickbooks or Xero.
Work with an eCommerce accounting expert, who knows the ins and out of A2X, Quickbooks & Xero
Ongoing support and training

Our full A2X setup checklist

We handle everything for you

  • Set up your A2X account. 
  • Connect A2X to your eCommerce store and sales channels, like Shopify, eBay, Amazon, Walmart and Etsy. 
  • Connect A2X with Xero or Quickbooks. 
  • Map your Chart of accounts and taxes, including GST/VAT/U.S.sales tax rates. 
  • Add business details and branding, including your contact details and logo. 

The Bean Ninjas Process

1. Complete our getting started form 

It takes a few minutes to complete. We gather some basic contact information, and a member of our team will reach out. 

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2. Hop on a Discovery Call 

We start with a 30-minute discovery call to get to know you and your business, analyze your needs, understand your current bookkeeping system and your financial goals for the future.

After our call, we email you a list of information we need to get started.

From there, we do all the work.

 3.A2X setup and implementation 

Our team are experts at connecting and setting up A2X with Xero and Quickbooks. 

The aim is to minimize your time and stress, and give you clarity and control over your business finances.

 The setup process typically takes around two weeks to complete.

4. Ongoing training and support 

Once your account is set up, you’ll receive 2 one-on-one training sessions with a certified eCommerce accountant, so you have the confidence to use A2X like a pro.

We’ll show you how to make the most of the tools and features that are relevant to your business. 

 We also offer ongoing support, advice and training. 

Take control of your business’s finances

Business Process Outsourcing Image of table & planning

Want ongoing eCommerce accounting support?

After your A2X setup is complete, we offer optional bookkeeping services. 

If you’d like our assistance, we can help you choose the right bookkeeping plan to suit your needs and goals.

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Meet the Ninjas

We’re a friendly team of (slightly geeky) eCommerce accounting and bookkeeping experts on a mission to make your business finances a breeze.

Our senior team is made up of Chartered Accountants, CPAs and management accountants with years of professional experience. It means you benefit from knowledge that exceeds that of a standard bookkeeper.

Additionally, our unique perspective into the books of 100s of eCommerce brands brings unmatched industry insights and benchmarking guidance.


From little beans, big beans grow

With Bean Ninjas, you get a bookkeeping solution that can scale with your business.
There’s no need to swap platforms or change systems as you grow.

We specialize in accounting and bookkeeping services for eCommerce businesses.

We’re a global accounting firm with HQs in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

We specialize in working with eCommerce businesses using Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon FBA, BigCommerce, and selling omni-channel.

What Our Clients Say

Crockd customer story beanninjas

“Although I could do a lot of this myself, I think it makes a big difference when you can step away outside the business and look from the top down, rather than from being inside the business all the time and trying to understand what’s going on with the finances. 

The providers and people we work with must align with our values, and I think Bean Ninjas does that really well.”

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“A lot of bookkeeping is much more of a traditional thing, so being able to get someone who understood how to work with Xero, versus, you know QuickBooks and understand how to deal with inventory and how we kind of deal with eCommerce. There’s different snapshots of our numbers that we have to know, and Bean Ninjas really specialized in that.” 

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“Having our financials once a week instead of once a quarter offered more visibility and clarity. Im not out of touch from being so far from the coalface.” 

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