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Hayden Brass Xero Financial Literary Course Testimonial Video

Hayden B, Zea Relief

“I gained a better understanding of where our business is positioned financially. Getting the opportunity to work directly with an expert was great.”

David Huss, Founder of

“The Xero course is helpful to lay the foundation for understanding important cash flow metrics. Mistakes in these areas can be very costly in e-commerce and so it’s important to do them right from the beginning.”

When you grow, your business grows

At Bean Ninjas, we’re all about equipping online entrepreneurs for success. As well as providing world-class eCommerce accounting solutions, we’re passionate about supporting entrepreneurs and their teams through practical education. That’s why we created the BN Freedom Academy. Our big mission: Educate & support 10,000 entrepreneurs to know their numbers and make data-driven decisions in order to achieve true freedom.

Grow towards your goals

Overview of Xero apps that will integrate with major eCom platforms

Immediately apply learnings to your eCom business

Make better, faster business decisions

Improve inventory, managing expenses, and financial reporting

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Xero eCommerce Training – Launching in Q3 2022

Learn everything you need to know about using Xero for your eCommerce business – including inventory, managing expenses, financial reporting, and more. 

Financial Foundations (DIY)

Gain an understanding of business finance fundamentals while learning and implementing Xero. Normally $199, get it now for 50% off.

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Here’s what past students are saying

Carla and Emma Pappas How To Do Your Bookkeeping in Xero Course Testimonial Video

Emma Pappas,

“We gained new knowledge, templates, and ideas to set our business financial foundations up better. The course is filled with actionable advice that has made a huge positive impact on our business. It’s also delivered in a super easy to understand way.”

Stevie Dillon Know Your Numbers Course Testimonial Video

Stevie D, Stevie Says Social

“I basically went from having no idea about how Xero worked or how to read a profit and loss statement, to feeling like I was comfortable with all of those things.”

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