Xero Bookkeeping

Since being founded in 2006, Xero has set the pace for online bookkeeping with a cloud-based solution that’s easy and intuitive for accountants and non-accountants alike. The difference between Xero software and other accounting packages is that its functionality and language is designed specifically for business owners and operators.

The accounting jargon has been banished and replaced with everyday language, such as “money in” and “money out.” But the system has by no means been dumbed down. Bean Ninjas, coupled with Xero bookkeeping software, has the capacity to grow with you from your spare room to the boardroom.

Xero Bookkeeping Image of Girl on Computer

Why Xero bookkeeping?

No installation or maintenance

Being cloud-based, there’s no requirement for expensive software, hardware, data storage or security provisions.

Reduce time spent

Xero tracks your account transactions through automated bank feeds and set up automated rules for transaction coding.

Affordable and flexible plans

You take a powerful accounting platform and add 1.5 million users. That’s how Xero sets the standard yet keeps prices low.

The future of online booking

Bookkeepers who go to their clients’ offices to do their books are becoming as rare as video rental stores. Instead, bookkeeping is increasingly driven by technologies that allow data to be integrated seamlessly across platforms.

As a result, bookkeeping is no longer a data entry role. It’s about managing technology-mediated financial information to create a system that’s simultaneously accurate, compliant and efficient.

This is where Bean Ninjas steps up to help entrepreneurs thrive. From digital receipt storage to automated financial functions to payroll processing, we streamline your businesses finances to give you more time and freedom.

Choosing an Online Bookkeeping Package

Looking for bookkeeping software or online bookkeeping services? We’ll help you choose a platform and provider that’s the perfect fit.