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Suitable for
Xero review & fix
Email support
GST / VAT lodgements
Liase with tax accountant
Management reports


per month
Suitable for : Small businesses
Xero review & fix
Email support : Within 72 hours
GST / VAT lodgements
Liase with tax accountant
Reconciliations : Monthly
Management reports


per month
Suitable for : Most businesses
Xero review & fix
Email support : Within 72 hours
GST / VAT lodgements
Liase with tax accountant
Reconciliations : Monthly
Management reports: Quarterly


per month
Suitable for : Larger/complex businesses
Xero review & fix
Email support : Within 24 hours
GST / VAT lodgements
Liase with tax accountant
Reconciliations : Weekly
Management reports: Monthly

Prices for Australian customers include GST.


Which plan is right for me?

I just wanted to pop you a note and say THANK YOU.

I’ve been trying for SIX YEARS to find a book keeper who can just do the work. I’ve hired bookkeepers, accountants – I even employed someone to take care of it at one point.

Without fail, every time it’s been an unmitigated disaster. Work not getting done, me having to chase everything up every five minutes.

I can not tell you how AMAZING it feels to get emails like “Your reconciliation is completed for the quarter and we’ve sent it over to your tax accountant”.

I am so impressed and appreciative.

Leela Cosgrove

Founder and CEO, Strategic Anarchy


How does the support service work?
Got a problem in your Xero file? We can login and fix it for you.  Email us the details and we’ll always get back to you within 24-72 hours (depending on your plan).
What type of questions are covered?


Our support service covers any Xero or general accounting questions. Here are some example questions:



  • “I have purchased a computer for the business. Where do I code this to in Xero?”
  • “I used my personal credit card to pay for a business expense. How do I enter this in Xero?”
  • “I tried to do X, but it didn’t work. What did I do wrong?”

Our clients find that our support service provides answers to the majority of their questions, and we are developing a consultation service for in-depth questions.

Can you fix problems in my Xero file?
Yes! Email us the problem, and we can log in to your Xero file and make changes. For larger issues, we may need extra time, but we’ll let you know in advance.
How long will it take you to respond to my question?

We’ll respond within 24-72 hours, depending on your plan. Premium clients are responded to within 24 hours (Monday to Friday).

During quiet periods, the response may be as quick as 1 hour. If you have a tricky question, we’ll let you know how much more time we need.

When is the support service available?

Our support service is officially open during business hours Monday to Friday, however our team work varying hours so you might still get a response on the weekend or at night.

How many questions can I ask?

There is no limit to the number of questions you can ask in a month.  We have a fair use policy and if the questions are getting beyond the scope of bookkeeping we’ll let you know.  Otherwise ask away!

After signing up, how long do I have to wait before I can ask a question?

Once you signup, you can immediately send a question. Make sure to follow the instructions in the welcome email we send after signup, to avoid delays.

Is payroll included?

We provide bookkeeping services to a wide variety of businesses in multiple countries, which makes it impossible to work out a standard package for payroll support, so we don’t include payroll in the packages above.

Most of our clients find that Xero makes payroll so easy that they don’t need help, but please contact us if you want a quote.

Can I do a trial?


We do have a 30-day guarantee, so if you’re not happy you can cancel your subscription and get a full refund.

We also developed a Xero Audit service, which is a 110+ point check of your Xero account to find errors, followed by a call with one of our expert bookkeepers. This will give you a taste of what it’s like to work with us.

What happens after I signup?

We’ll send you a welcome email with simple instructions to transfer your Xero subscription to us (if desired), give us access to your Xero file, and provide a little extra information that we need.

What if I have more than one business/entity?

Our plans are for one legal entity (e.g. sole trader, company, trust, partnership, LLC), to keep our pricing fair.

Do you only have monthly plans, or can I pay per question?

If you have a one off question you can book a consult call with one of our specialists.

Do I have to commit to a certain number of months?
No commitment required, you can cancel your contract at any time. Our service will cease immediately, but we don’t refund any unused portion of the month.
Will you manage my Xero subscription?
Of course! Most of our clients prefer having the one monthly payment for all of their bookkeeping services. Select the relevant option when you sign up, and we’ll add the Xero fees to your subscription with us. If you leave us, we’ll transfer the subscription back to you.
What if I don't have a Xero subscription yet?

We can help! Just tick the relevant checkbox(es) on the signup form, and we’ll discuss a separate quote after you signup.

What countries do you support?
We support Australian, US, Canadian, UK and NZ businesses. We are developing services for some other countries, so if that’s you please contact us.









Will you lodge my employee's payment summaries / 1099s / etc?

We can prepare a custom quote for payroll support, but if your payroll is up to date in Xero we may be able to lodge for you. Please contact us for further details.

I have more questions.
Happy to help! Head over to the Contact page to get in touch with our team.
Do your plans include US sales tax filing?

Our plans include sales tax filing in one state. For sales tax filings in multiple states, for example Amazon / eCommerce businesses we usually recommend other online services which are more automated and therefore cheaper for you.