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eCommerce Controller/Finance Specialist

USA – Part-time

At Bean Ninjas, we make it possible for hundreds of eCommerce entrepreneurs to achieve financial independence and live their best lives. And we do this by empowering entrepreneurs to gain confidence in their numbers and make data-driven decisions.

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Since our launch in July 2015, we have grown to a remote team of 25 team members across the US, Australia, Philippines, and Europe. We are now an award-winning international accounting firm specializing in eCommerce.

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So why join Bean Ninjas?

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We’re growing, and we’re looking for you to join us on this incredible journey.

Bean Ninjas has become the premier provider of cloud accounting solutions to eCommerce businesses looking to scale past seven figures.  We have expanded our core offerings to include Insights and Advisory services:

  • Cash Flow Forecasts & Projections
  • Scenario Planning & Financial Modelling
  • Comparative Analysis (Year over Year, Actual to Budget)
  • Sales Analysis (by Channel)
  • Profitability Analysis and Coaching
  • Inventory Demand Forecasting and Reporting

Reporting Line

eCom Controllers report directly to the COO.  As our team develops, management and director opportunities will evolve within this division of Bean Ninjas.

This position is part-time. However, open to full-time for the right candidate.

As an eCommerce Controller/Finance Specialist you…

  • Have high initiative and are self-motivated: You are an ambitious person and always looking to learn new skills. You have a great work ethic, which is what makes you such a hard-working team member. 
  • Possess strong technical accounting and finance skills: You will have a solid technical background and know-how to operate in a dynamic environment. You are adaptable, curious, and eager for knowledge – all qualities that make you perfect for this job!
  • Are a numbers person, and you love solving problems: You find satisfaction in repeat work that is detail-oriented.
  • Take ownership & hold yourself and others accountable: being a great team Ninja means putting the business first and doing whatever you can to help everyone excel.  This also means setting timelines and being responsible for meeting timelines for our customers.  
  • Are a leader and team player:  You will be working with cloud accountants as they maintain a delicate balance of running the finances for these clients while juggling competing deadlines by management.  
  • Have good attention to detail: that allows you to identify problems, source and implement solutions, plus follow and create processes as required to ensure timely and accurate finances. 
  • Pride yourself on being organized and systematic – these are essential for building a scalable business and ensuring your team’s continued effectiveness and happiness. 

In practice, this looks like this:

  • Developing and following a 90-day plan (and helping our clients and team members to do the same)
  • Scheduling tasks 
  • Creating and following checklists 
  • A clean inbox in Helpscout (inbox zero is your jam!)
  • Are process and metric-driven: your focus on systemized, well-defined, and repeatable processes allow for a consistent client experience. It also will enable you to backfill and support team members as needed.

In practice, this means: 

  • Being aware of where to locate and reference documented processes
  • Following processes as defined but constantly reviewing and communicating ways to improve
  • Using metrics to drive insights and understanding to areas where we can share in the wins or learn and make changes from the losses
  • Possess a drive to improve things: You cannot be satisfied with things being “just ok.” You want to fix every problem you see, and nothing is just someone else’s responsibility – it’s your job too! And when some new ideas or opportunities need exploring, you’re right on board for the ride. 

In practice, you’re continually:

  • Being an active part of improved performance in the business by drilling into the numbers and making significant decisions
  • Identifying non-productive tasks and advising Management 
  • Improving the way we manage daily work tasks


  • Have a strong desire to learn and grow in a rapidly evolving eCommerce industry: As eCommerce continues to grow, accountants with experience will be in high demand. This job is challenging but rewarding. As long as you like to take on new challenges and learn new things, we’ll give you everything you need to excel in this role.
  • Love the flexibility that remote work presents: It gives you all sorts of benefits, such as improved productivity, higher creativity levels, more family time, and a flexible schedule.


In this role, you will…

  • Increase customer understanding and use of their business finances to improve their business performance. 
    • You’ll combine your accounting & finance expertise, client management, leadership, and people management skills to help scale your clients’ eCom businesses to the next level.
  • Deliver exceptional eCommerce CFO Services
    • Prepare and confidently present cash flow, inventory forecast, budgeting, and other management reporting tools to your portfolio of clients.
    • Share insights and analysis on the monthly financial performance of your clients business
    • Educate your customers on industry benchmarks and how to use this information to make better business decisions
    • Monitor the preparation of monthly & End of Financial Year accounting reporting packages for your clients
    • Set the direction for accounting workflows and support accounting and bookkeeping work throughout Onboarding
  • Demonstrate strong communication skills
    • Build strong relationships, trust, and rapport
    • Ensure emails are responded to within two days (or faster)
    • Write clear and concise emails to customers, cloud accountants, and management
    • Conduct zoom calls with customers & team members when required
    • Communicate errors quickly and rectify
    • Communicate deadlines that may not be met and understand why
  • Invest in Training & Development
    • Maintain Xero Certification 
    • Hold a minimum of 1 Xero industry and expertise badges
    • Attend Lunch & Learn sessions, Xero, and other external online training
    • Maintain and action your Development Plan
  • Lead and Support Your Team
    • Be available to respond to customers & team members quickly (within 1-2 days) 
    • Provide support to team members when required
    • Encourage team members in their work and development.
  • Improve Processes & Profitability
    • Alert Management or the sales team of any opportunities for further sales with existing clients
    • Understand budgeted work time and alert Management of scope / extra effort
    • Update project management system and keep Management updated on client progress
    • Identify efficiencies in processes and systems, and advise on software and platforms.
    • Manage time effectively
    • Ensure work is being done on the right things at the right time
    • Suggest improvements to make the workflows more efficient
    • Increase proficiency with workflows, client expectations, and transactions with client work
  • Ensure Compliance
    • Follow policies and procedures and provide feedback for updates as required.
    • Utilize software platforms to enable a high quality work output
    • Follow internal policies

What you’ll bring with you…

  • At least four years Big4/Public Practice/operational accounting/consulting experience
  • An undergraduate degree in Accounting or Finance
  • Experience preparing financials for brands selling online
  • Experienced in Xero and other related software tools (Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon)
  • Strong working knowledge of inventory & inventory management systems (Dear, Inventory Planner)
  • Familiarity with eCommerce-specific KPIs (AOV, LTV, CPA, etc.)
  • Strong working knowledge of Excel/Google Sheets
  • Knowledge of consulting business model and tools in a multi-client environment
  • CPA and Consultant experience a plus
  • Expertise working with private equity, exit brokers, or venture-backed start-ups is a plus.


  • Competitive salary
  • Fully remote – work from anywhere
  • Flexible working hours, we value work-life balance
  • Fun and dynamic team culture (We’re not your typical accounting firm!)
  • Check out our benefits package

What’s next… 

  • Step 1: Complete the online application form below. Get creative here. Send us something that you think will help set you apart. We will be reviewing applications along the way, and if we find someone who is the right fit first, we’ll go with them.
  • Step 2: We will review your application, and if you are successful, we will get in touch with our recruiter to schedule a first-round Zoom interview.
  • Step 3: Following a successful first interview, you will be interviewed by two of our hiring managers. You can expect an interactive activity that will allow you to demonstrate your skills.
  • Step 4: eCom Controller/Finance Specialist role announced
  • Step 5: Commence work orientation

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