Best Ecommerce Podcasts to Listen to in 2021

9 April, 2021
Jessica Malnik

Jessica Malnik

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Listening to a podcast is one of the few ways you can actively learn something new, gain insights from experts in their respective fields, and level up your eCommerce business while also multitasking – be it driving, exercising, or doing household chores, etc.

However, with more podcasts than ever before and only so many hours in the day, it can be hard to know what to listen to. 

In this post, we’re curating some of the best eCommerce podcasts to listen to. 

Before we dive in, one thing that’s unique about our list is that all of these podcasts are from eCommerce practitioners and experts and not software platforms that cater to eCommerce businesses. 

1. Ecommerce Influence 

Hosted by Austin Brawner, Ecommerce Influence is a weekly podcast that provides in-depth interviews with world-class eCommerce owners and businesses to help you build and grow your business. Episodes have covered a range of topics, including productivity, email marketing, eCommerce growth, conversions, and more. 

Michael Erickson says, “It’s a perfect blend of interesting people/stories with tactical information, and he’s a great interviewer.” 

Allen Walton adds, “They talk with other 7-8 figure store owners, what’s going on in ecommerce news, strategy, managing teams, new hires, how to solve the new problems that are coming up with Apple’s new rules, beginner guides, etc.” 

For example, check out this episode about how Bean Ninjas’ customer, Jason Daemar of Mister Jones, grew 800% in one year.

2. eCommerceFuel Podcast 

Hosted by Andrew Youderian, the eCommerceFuel Podcast is one of the OG eCommerce podcasts with almost 400 episodes. It is a weekly podcast with new shows on Fridays that focus on helping shop owners build successful businesses. Episodes explore tips, stories, news, and strategies to help eCommerce owners grow their businesses.

For example, Kalen Jordan says, “I loved this one where he talked about how they launched a new ecommerce brand. And, this one where they talked about outsourcing content and cold outreach.” 

eCommerceFuel also produces an annual eCommerce Trends Report. 

Pro Tip: Check out this interview we did with Andrew over on the Bean Ninjas Podcast. 

3. My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast 

Hosted by Steve Chou, the My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast is designed for eCommerce newbies who are thinking about or recently started their first eCommerce business. 

Steve interviews people who quit their jobs to grow the business they wanted. Episodes also cover topics critical to setting up and growing your business, such as shows on blogging, eCommerce, digital products, and more.  

4. eCommerce Lifestyle Podcast 

Another podcast that caters to eCommerce beginners is the eCommerce Lifestyle podcast hosted by Anton Kraly. This podcast is particularly useful for any dropshippers or Amazon FBA sellers. Podcast episodes are brief, usually 15 minutes or less, but packed with information on topics like marketing strategy, growth, sourcing, SEO, mindset, and more. 

5. eCommerce Evolution 

The eCommerce Evolution podcast is run by OMGCommerce, an eCommerce marketing agency. The host, Brett Curry, interviews the leading eCommerce experts, vendors, and merchants. Topics range from understanding your company’s numbers and eCommerce technology to growth and more. 

6. The Jason & Scot Show 

Hosted by Jason Goldberg and Scot Wingo, The Jason & Scot Show of the Retail Geek Newsletter talk about the latest news, trends, and interviews in retail. With over 200 episodes, topics range from strategy to different technology.  

7. Unofficial Shopify Podcast 

With over 1 million downloads and thousands of listeners, The Unofficial Shopify Podcast sets out to answer the question, “How’s an entrepreneur like me supposed to grow my Shopify store?” The host, Kurt Elster, interviews successful Shopify entrepreneurs to uncover eCommerce growth strategies and tactics.    

8. eCommerce Playbook 

Hosted by Andrew Faris of 4×400 at Common Thread Collective, the eCommerce Playbook podcast is on the frontlines of four DTC brands — sharing the numbers, struggles, and growth. You get behind-the-scenes access and real-life insights into both the high highs and low lows. 

9. eComCrew 

With almost 400 episodes, The eComCrew podcast is another podcast hosted by a serial eCommerce entrepreneur in the trenches. The host, Mike Jackness, founded and later sold the eCommerce company – (in 2014). Since then, he has launched multiple, 7-figure eCommerce brands. He interviews fellow eCommerce entrepreneurs and shares no-fluff marketing fluff on the podcast. 

10. eCommerce Uncensored 

Hosted by Kevin and Jason, the eCommerce Uncensored podcast is focused on sharing actionable sales and marketing strategies and tactics. They cover topics, such as paid social ads, sales funnels, and email marketing as well as interviewing successful eCommerce entrepreneurs. 

Bonus podcasts

Since we believe that you can learn from all industries, we’re including a handful of additional podcasts that eCommerce businesses can learn from, but they aren’t eCommerce-specific podcasts. 

  • Mixergy – Hosted by Andrew Warner, this long-running, interview-style podcast has more than 2,000 episodes and focuses on helping entrepreneurs create and run successful businesses. 
  • TropicalMBA – Launched in 2009, this podcast is the OG podcast for location-independent entrepreneurs. While Dan and Ian, the two hosts, started and eventually sold a suite of physical product businesses for seven-figures, they’ve shared their own stories as well as interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs running everything from eCommerce and Amazon FBA businesses to agencies, SaaS, and productized services.
  • The Story of a Brand – If you like the hit podcast, How I Built This, then you’ll also enjoy this podcast. This podcast attempts to share the “Why” behind many legacy and DTC eCommerce brands.
  • The Ladybug Podcast – Founded by Kelly Vaughn, the founder of Taproom Agency, a Shopify web development agency, this podcast is on a mission to debug the tech industry.
  • Startups For The Rest of The Us – With over 500 episodes, this is the OG podcast for anyone looking to launch or grow a startup.
  • Bootstrapped Web –  This is another “in the trenches podcasts.” Hosted by Brian and Jordan, they share lessons learned and the journey of growing bootstrapped SaaS businesses.
  • Built to Sell – This podcast shares the story of founders who have successfully exited their businesses.  
  • eCommerce Fastlane – Hosted by Steve Hutt, this podcast helps Shopify businesses accelerate their growth trajectory.

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