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Are you prepared for the financial ups and downs in your business, or are you waiting to be blindsided when reality hits? 

We get it. You need to see your business in ways that actually make sense to you, but getting that level of visibility isn't easy...  

Maybe some of these client problems are familiar to you:  

"I don't fully understand the financial reports that I'm currently getting. It's too complex!" 

“I feel we have opportunities to grow, but don't understand the cost and benefits of choosing one opportunity over another”  

“I can see where my business has been, but not where it's going. I'm embarrased to admit this"  

“I want a customized KPI dashboard that measures my progress towards my business goals”

“I want to reduce/optimize my spending"  

“I want a trusted adviser that can help put actual numbers behind my hunches"  

Forecasts aren't just for more established businesses. 

What's measured gets managed. The great news is that cloud accounting is enabling entrepreneurs to access business financials, including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), on-demand.  

When those KPIs are presented on a dashboard alongside a business' forecast, they can illustrate how today's decisions are impacting tomorrow's financials.

Which Would You Prefer To See Monthly?


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Or this...

When your KPIs are presented on a dashboard alongside your business' forecast, they can illustrate how today's decisions are impacting tomorrow's financials.  

Bean Ninjas are here to help you gain clarity into your business numbers with custom KPI dashboards to empower insights and informed decision making.

Introducing Bean Ninjas Cash Flow Forecast & Strategic Advisory service!

So often business owners are focusing only on where a business has been (and that's because accounting looks at historical data). 

However, to be successful you also need to be looking forward at where the business is going (and making sure that it's actually headed in the right direction). 

We'll ensure you get access to 100% of the story behind your business financials.  


  • Have the details needed to make the most informed business decisions
  • Be on top of cash flow and income projections, so that you know when you can relax a little and when you need to drive more sales
  • Be aware of the return on investment (ROI) on big-ticket purchases and spending decisions (much smarter than asking the magic 8-ball right?)
  • Move forward, not backward
  • Protect and improve your personal positions
  • Protect and develop your businesses
  • Confidently answer "What’s our plan? Have we got a clear plan? Does it go beyond just numbers?"


Our primary objective? 

Facilitating INSIGHTS to INSPIRE you to INNOVATE and make changes

It starts by helping you clarify what is most important to you. This enables us (and you too) to fully understand your goals and aspirations.

We'll be your personal financial translator, providing you with all the insight.  

So that you can focus your efforts on growing your business, increasing profitability, and investing your time where you feel it's important.

Bookkeeping is 80% data running through a system, and 20% the bookkeeper making decisions around where that data should be placed. Financial advisory is 20% data, and 80% informed decisions being made on those numbers. - Julia O'Donnell

Meet Your vCFO Ninjas: 

Julia O'Donnell

Chartered Accountant | Virtual CFO

Julia has 20 years of accounting experience including senior roles at PwC and ABN AMRO bank. Before joining Bean Ninjas she was working with Xero in the not-for-profit space.  

Wayne Richard

Partner | Global Director of Operations

With 16 years of corporate finance and consulting experience working with Hewlett Packard under his belt, Wayne possesses strong financial acumen, team leadership, plus broad experience and working knowledge within numerous financial systems and processes.  

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Here's what you get with your Cashflow Forecast & Strategic Advisory: 

Cash-flow forecasting, to help predict the ups and downs in your business and prepare for them

KPI Dashboard - the reporting tool to know if we're on track against our forecasted business goals

Income/Expense Analysis so you can see where your cash is going (and where it shouldn't be going)

Comparisons (Year-on-Year Performance, Actuals vs Budget/Forecast)

Budget Preparation Workshops, so you can control your money better

Business Scenario Planning, to help you make better decisions

Cashflow Forecast & Advisory Investment

According to Payscale salary research, the average pay for an experenced in-house Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is AU $155,696 per year (approx. US $109,089 per year).

Industry averages reveal that for a service like this, one time setup is typically $1500 - $5000, and the ongoing advisory cost is typically $300 - $1000/month. 

As this is the first time we've offered this service, we're offering a special price for the first 12 clients. 

It's just:

One-time Set up fee of $499 USD 

plus $499 USD per month

Note: We require a minimum 3 month commitment to ensure that we can understand your business, and give you sound advice to meet your business goals.

Want timely information, clear and customized information to help make better business decisions?  

We'll arm you with the necessary data and insights to make better decisions about your future, fast.